The Road Less Travelled – Transparency in the World of Digital Marketing

The writing is on the wall, it probably has been for quite some time. The world of marketing (specifically digital marketing) is going through a huge change. The recent GDPR has readdressed the balance of power and handed back control to the consumer (rightly so). The changes in regulation of how our data is handled comes at a time when, society (in general) is demanding more transparency in how we are informed – not only about products and services but how our data is used as a whole. From the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle to GDPR consumers are becoming more protective of the data they allow us to use.

It would appear that the consumer is growing weary of cynical & manipulative marketing techniques. So, what does that mean for the digital marketing industry? Quite simply, we have to listen. This shouldn’t be seen as a challenging ‘issue’. We should embrace the change that is upon us and be inspired to start creating content that is transparent, informative and above all engages with the consumer’s desire for more clarity. Not only will this satisfy the demands of the consumer – it could also lead to greater creativity and productivity.

The increasing demand for native marketing proves that consumers would prefer to learn about products through content (70% of them according to Adweek). A great article to read is ‘How to create trending content’ by Ayodeji Onibalusi. Touching on several marketing techniques, we are basically informed that we need to work harder! The consumer is more savvy in the digital age than at any other time. Clickbait doesn’t work, social media ads are annoying & people just want to hear the truth (or at least they think they do).

In conclusion, we have entered a new era in the digital marketing world, we need to change our approach in order to continue getting great results. Keep it simple, relatable and accurate. How hard can it be?!

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